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Judi Harris

College of William & Mary
Professor and Pavey Family Chair in Educational Technology
Williamsburg, VA USA
I work as a professor, coordinating the doctoral program in Curriculum and Educational Technology (CET), in the School of Education at the College of William & Mary in Virginia. My research and development focus upon technology integration in K-12 curricula, and the TPACK (technological pedagogical content knowledge) construct in particular (see: http://tpack.org/). Previously, my work focused upon learning activity structures used in designing online and blended K-12 curriculum-based learning. As an extension of that work, my colleague Mark Hofer and I have worked with eight other curriculum specialists to create comprehensive taxonomies of content-based learning activity types. These taxonomies serve as instructional planning aids that help teachers integrate the full spectrum of digital and nondigital tools and resources into learning experiences in nine curriculum areas and strategies for English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL). The taxonomies and related materials are available as open educational resources via Creative Commons licenses online at: http://activitytypes.wm.edu/.
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