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Arkady Zilberman

Language Bridge Technology
Active Learning of English for Chinese learners
Columbus, Ohio Area
Arkady Zilberman has a Ph.D. in material science. He has secured six patents in Russia and eight patents in the USA and filed his first patent application in China in 2015. The latest patent is called “Reverse language resonance systems and methods for foreign language acquisition.”
During many years of work as a scientist and simultaneous interpreter, he tried to find an answer to the question: why do some people like him learn a foreign language easily, while most adults have a hard time coming to grips with a foreign language? Why do so many simply give up?
After many years of experimenting during simultaneous interpretation and researching how adults learn foreign languages, Arkady made a few discoveries that he describes in the website lbtechnology.net and in his book Language Bridge Technology: Speak Fluent English.
Arkady offers the patented Language Bridge Technology for licensing to companies and language schools which want to renew their content and bring it into a 21st-century learning platform.